Creative Gravy Man

Much like the sauce in a dish, David brings the elements of BLP together.  He prides himself on staff vibe. He can’t count the number of times work has felt like a house party. But they bust ass. And he's grateful. For those of you that don't know, there's a strange karmic mandala upon which our course has been set. David does his best to make sure they help everyone along the way. 


Llama Whisperer

Responsible for putting the "Llama" in the "Bolivian Llama Party".  Alex was born in the culinary heart of Bolivia, Cochabamba.  His love for all things Bolivian has led him to unite with his fellow Llama  brothers on a crusade to one day never be the only Bolivians in the room.  When not busy herding llamas on the Altiplano, Alex is orchestrating all business aspects of the BLP. 




Salteñero & Chef

Master of the BLP flavor Universe.  Patrick composes all BLP food and structure. He is driven by the opportunity to take Bolivian flavors and dishes and re-imagine them in ways that push the boundaries of Bolivian cuisine.  He is inspired by the opportunity to share his ideas with those wayward Bolivians who were born here and also those simply interested in our culture.